Saturday, February 17, 2007

A little update

Hello, I am not dead yet, in case you were wondering.

Last Thursday was such a great day for me. Unveiling the cake, blowing out imaginary flames on the candles, cutting, then smashing the cake. Oh boy. Not forgeting starting the day just right with a early morning greeting from my little canary.

And then after school i got dragged far away from school for lunch (which i was extremely reluctant at first), but it turned out to be a surprise and got me all embarassed.
Such a sweet day for me, and the very nice gifts. Couldn't ask for more! Thank you sweethearts!

On another note, Phunk Bar was quite unpleasant. Sound system was darn horrible and the sound crew were to the least very very irresponsible.

Don't worry boys, one day we'll get to play here :