Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Sometimes the most shocking things happen.
Wayne "Thunder" Seah, drummer for The Suns (formerly the BoredPhucks) passed away in his sleep on the 21st of May. I had always known him as the uber gay pro drummer from one of my favourite local bands, Ronald's drum teacher, the very passionate and friendly music producer, and funny guy on Rampage on the Airwaves. Never got to know him personally, only seen him around on SOFT often, but this man was probably one of my local music heros. Whats more have been looking forward to catch The Suns live next month.
Wayne Thunder has been working very hard to push the local music scene for sometime now, and this is such a great loss to everyone. Sometimes we just wonder why such stuff happen. This is sad.

RIP Wayne Thunder

Have you ever felt the future is the past, but you dont know how...? A reflected dream of a captured time, is it really now, is it really happening? Dont know why I feel this way, have I dreamt this time, this place? Something vivid comes again into my mind And I think Ive seen your face, seen this room, been in this place Something vivid comes again into my mind All my hopes and expectations, looking for an explanation Have I found my destination? I just cant take no more The dream is true, the dream is true The dream is true, the dream is true