Sunday, January 16, 2005

ah this week is rubbish.
i REALLY wanted to study for my physics and a maths test but i dragged AS USUAL right from before the holidays, no not until the previous day of the test but the day of the test itself.
tried to read some of the content after flag raising.
haha i'll be more than happy not to get a single digit again.
cca orientation is rubbish.
i had a fun time disturbing the sec 1s though.
told them something like 'join us and you can see me and play with me every week'.
tsura said something like hot babes inside or dunno what hahahhahaha.
and we told them 'you suck man' AS A JOKE for fun when they said no hahahahahaha.
and soon after everyone including BALL was doing that.
lol i passed by the CLDDS room and the china fags are damn action and damn lame, and of cause with BARCODE as their teacher in charge.
school sucks.
they made us raise so much money last year, and we may not even have the chance to use the new rock climbing wall.
tuan said after o levels he will chiong up the thing without any harness or safety equipment haha..
and the tablet pc program is a failure.
the lower sec people play lan and surf rubbish on the net during lessons.
they shall all get retained and fail their o levels terribly =D.