Thursday, February 10, 2005

addicted to the guitar lately, can't stop playing. and can't stop listening to GNR. hahaha.
the year of the cock is screwed. didnt go out much and so, got less than a hundred this year. i don't quite feel the mood. yeah. and the celebrations in school is a disaster. with ABRASION and ET in the CLDDS skit, and their fellow transvestites and china fags, with their lame ass out-of-the-world jokes. and not forgeting the patriotic propaganda song, by the chairman Mao wannabes.

watched Constantine. kinda wierd. they twisted the Bible and it seems.... wierd? but overall ok. just that it might gives people the wrong impression of the whole thing. uhhh.

stupid Lee Hak Boon won't let us off tomorrow(friday), and i friggin have cca. stupid. and oh yeah the TM cny reunion dinner is coming(yay) and i think we are going ice skating before that.
hope friday passes quickly!