Saturday, August 13, 2005

ah i realised i haven't been blogging

prelims are over by the week. prelims for me was quite a joke. AH its prelims we know so we decided to go to jerick's place to STUDY after school everyday. we tried his function room before (and we lied all over the place and watched Vasamtham Central with the indian man swimming thing) and we had to pay $10 for the room but the malay guy forgot to collect it so we were scared he remembered so we hid in the reading room instead.

then tried to study for a while.... then turned into a chit chat session... then we ended up playing UNO CARDS. lol even till the last day we were like 'set ah no playing today' we eventually gave in to the lure of stupid cards. but suprising, every single time we played the paper on the next day was easy! so we thought it didnt harm to play more.. right till the last day.

so prelims ended and we thought we could party but the holiday mood was apparently on the whole time so it didn't feel much different. i played World of Warcraft most of my time in the week after prelims (which was very frustrating but fun), which i told myself is the ONLY REST WEEK so after this week i have to TRY TO STUDY again.

but in this week school was usual but quite unusual too. we went to the hall to check our e maths prelims lol i only got a B3 but during the checking i was so sick my head hurt i had to bang my head on the wall to try to get the pain off but when the pain disappeared my head hurt again from all the banging ah!

and chinese o levels results came out i got a disappointing B3d ah i screwed up this time. aiya retake lah.

then yesterday was kai quan birthday party we bought him the big turtle. woah he is mad. he plays his computer on his plasma tv in the hall and have all sorts of stuff in his room - gas mask helmets police hats telescope uzi pellet guns and ah basket he has a lcd tv on the wall of his room AH i don't even have my own room lah.

my head still hurts i am still sick ah!