Monday, May 23, 2005

Argh its really difficult to aim for RJC, cause of the stupid through-train thing. and yeah those who are reading this might be really suprised, cause mella that idiot never ever studies and fails constantly and wants to get into RJC. hahaha.

Yeah RJC is too difficult, so i might now aim for either VJC or SAJC (ole no stupid lousy AJC). i sort of hate HCI NYJC TJC and AJC. hahaha. yeah but it its best if i just freaking try to do my best then see where i can go.

ARGH this week is stupid chinese intensive that means we have to see C CUBE for many many many periods this week. but heck chinese o levels is next week so, yeah. i really gotta get A1 for chinese man. if i can't even get an A1 for my best subject (i think), i am doomed for the rest of the o levels.

yeah God really spoke to me a lot through 1st Corinthians. haha. bye work hard everyone and make C CUBE feel stupid for scolding us like a......... Cube?