Saturday, June 04, 2005

hello. i just came back, from tsura's house, and from the hospital.
today was bloody boring again.
everyone was probably busy with whatever they have and i can't find anyone to talk to.
(except for a few idiots like marcus huang that makes me repeat myself 5 times before something gets into his head).

so julius me and daniel went cycling.
daniel borrowed my 2nd bike.
okay so we cycled to this wierd place around thomson.
i recognised it as the place where people used to have illegal racing in maybe the 70s.
there were lots of long uphills and down slopes, which were either tiring or super exciting, because you can use the long slopes to reach the maximum speed that you can ever get on a bike.

then suddenly it led us to this place with a great scenery.
my first time there, upper pierce reservoir.
had thoughts of blogging about the nice things about the place,
but i didnt expect myself to be blogging about this.

daniel somehow lost control on one of the slopes.
julius and i were already in front and went we looked back to see where he was, we saw people crowding around him and saw him on the ground.
i thought it was just a small fall or what,
but he was lying there, shaking, like having fits.
he was semi conscious, he couldn't respond to us.
he couldn't remember how he fell.
he took a while to be able to respond to him
we were afraid.

i quickly prayed and smsed as many people as i can to pray for him (now the whole world knows about it).
the ambulance took bloody long to come.
julius and some nice guy helped to bring the bike's the julius's place.
i went with daniel in the ambulance.
thank God he was already quite conscious at that time, i heard the paramedics laughing, probably daniel telling them lame jokes.
then went we got off from the hospital he was laughing at himself cause he was bandaged.
i thought he would be all okay.
i waited there for quite long.
his family came, then pastor dave, shukun, joel nah, chris chia, amy teo, kelvin leong came.
and news came he fractured his collar bone.

i don't know why it happened. i feel very wierd, wierder than this morning.

lets pray for his speedy recovery.