Saturday, October 01, 2005


Life feels much more free and easy after the second prelims, which, of course i still did not study enough for. I screwed up for almost every subject, but surprisingly i was happy with my chem.

The last day was a super mad day. I screwed up emaths and the killer geography, which had us all mugging like idiots and writing many many many pages of stuff. Poor 'armchair geographers'.

I studied for geog but 65% of the time i was just looking around or stoning in the exam hall cause i didn't know what to write. Its quite scary, cause everyone else kept writing pages and pages of stuff. Seems like i will do super badly..again.

Thursday when it all ended my body felt like just breaking apart or stop functioning, due to many horrible nights of 'want-to-sleep-cannot-must-study-want-to-study-cannot-want-to-sleep'. So we ended up in Jerick's house. Poor Jerick couldn't study for his bio with us around. Had a bad dream on Thursday night.

Friday we went to Jerick's house again, to celebrate his birdday (birthday). We bought him a 'tur-reul' (turtle) or 'tor-rise' (tortoise). Sorry for the usual poor articulation of english that me and Werick often have. So we swam swam ran away from the poisonous smog ate ate pizza and had an exciting night of FARCRY which the monster monkeys shared the shit out of us. But thanks to CHIHONG, we made it alive.

Throughout the time i had something else on my mind.. related to the dream. And guess what i dreamt of a Part 2 to the dream this morning..with still nothing good inside.

Hope to rest for a few days more, then start studying like mad about triangles circles erosion weathering rock stratas in situ and stupid physics laws and so on. HOPE SO.

Have a blessed weekend :)