Saturday, August 27, 2005

hello. argh life is like a mad roller coaster. sometimes i am down and depressed, sometimes mad and crazy and happy.

sorry to lovely people like bryan and aaron gian who tried to cheer me up, sorry i didn't feel like talking. and sorry to marcus huang who i constantly teased, and also thanks to li kai who gave a lot of encouragement.

been listening to a lot of emotional songs lately. =D

like rhcp - dosed, x japan- tears, songs that make me even more depressed (oh no)

and some u2 songs which are really really meaningful (oh yes)

and a stupid book called the little prince.

don't worry about me i am getting much better already see i am even smiling =D

but i won't know what is going to happen next.

hope life completely changes after the o levels

btw i got 27 points for my L1R5 for the first prelims uh huh.......