Wednesday, December 28, 2005

i have been rather down again lately.

work is alright. i don't really hate it but, life is getting hectic and disorganised due to it.

urm i dunno.. but i am just rather lonely and sad nowadays haha.

nono if you were to think mella is sexy, sexy boy sexy life (haha jeremiah), you are SO WRONG. cause i am just so lonely and sad.

everyone's preoccupied with their own stuff, even my closest friends. and sometimes people seem like they are either just selfish or ignorant and hurt others in the process.

well i need to look at the bright side of life but look, i wake up at 1pm everyday, and before i know it i am off to work. and then i get really friggin tired and annoyed i come home at about 12am, and stone in front of the computer doing absolutely nothing until around 4am.

and i have been missing out on so much. i couldn't go for many many clubbing nights the guys have been going cause i am just so worn out from work, and the others, urm i dunno what exactly are they doing. haven't been in contact.

alright so JC's coming up in a week, really hope it would help me. new friends, new environment new life OH YEAH SEXY LIFE BABY. uh nono. see how first.