Thursday, December 15, 2005


As kindly requested by Mr Mevyn Lee, here's a special edition about music in my life.
There's supposed to be another special edition about my secondary school life, but I am just lazy to do it. Oh well. Here we go..

Music started off for me since I was in primary school, when I was around primary three I think. I perstered my mother day and night to let me learn to play the piano, there finally urm I was there in a music center learning for around 3 years. My very first teacher was a chick. heh. she looked like a chinese version of Sarah Michelle Gellar. Nevermind. Then she got damn pissed at me for not practicing and wasting a lot of time during lessons. Then suddenly she was swapped with another teacher. Oh gosh that one was a nightmare. She was supposedly a 'she', but she was a really a 'he'. Or maybe a 'he/she' or a 'she/he'or maybe an 'it'. I dunno. It looked and sounded just like a guy, but still retaining or maybe even multiplying horrible PMS bad attitude tenfold of what you can find in a angst-filled teenage girl. Oh well. I couldn't stand her and I stopped learning. But I still do play some classical piano pieces once in a while..

I was also in the Chinese Orchestra in primary school. Suprised? I played the darn 'Er-hu'. I hate it now actually but it was quite a good experience playing as a whole orchestra. Hmm.

All the while I have been wanting to pick up guitar but didn't actually had a chance until secondary 2. The school had some basic guitar course going on. Learnt quite little but it really helped me to kickstart guitar.

Then I got my first electric guitar last year. A 'Craftsman' Stratocaster copy, together with a Vox amplifier. Then I got an Epiphone Les Paul with Seymour Duncans this year and I sold my strat.

Lets come to the part about the music I listen to.

I am not afraid to announce that I LIKED LISTENING TO THE BACKSTREET BOYS IN PRIMARY SCHOOL. NO NOTHING to be ashamed off. I still like their music. But their new stuff is HORRIBLE.

Listened to boybands and stuff they play on the radio pretty much in primary 5. Then I listened to Limp Bizkit. Oh I loved it then. And there came Linkin Park. Liked it too. Also listened to quite a bit of Blink 182.

Urm then went on to more pop punk stuff in secondary school, like more of Blink 182, Yellowcard, Simple Plan etc. I still like it though, but the newer stuff are as usual, suckier.

I watched plenty of MTV Asia the whole time in primary and secondary, and had this certain attraction to The Red Hot Chili Peppers when 'Californication' and 'By the Way' was always on the charts. Later decided to go in deeper and oh my it blew me away. The very first time I was so attracted to rock music. I tell you my friends. Go listen to RHCP. They are awesome. Don't just listen to their radio-friendly songs, go check out their other songs in every album. Its great.

The first time i actually understood what rock music was all about. Its not just the singing, its not just the tune, its EVERYTHING. It really makes you pay attention to every single thing. Guitars, bass, drums, vocals. Everything. RHCP blended everything very well. Go check out their live dvd 'Live at Slane'. Gosh its mind blowing. RHCP is definately one of the best, if not the best live band around. They can improvise and change the feel of the song perfectly, and the guitarist John Frusciante is such is genius. He blew my mind away.

Then got introduced to Guns n Roses in late secondary 2. I first heard Sweet Child O Mine. Awesome. Then went on to listen to many other awesome songs of theirs. November Rain remains at one of my most favourite songs of all time. Very well written, and really meant a lot to me.


I love them all.

I also love christian music because it really uplifts my spirit and the love for God and so its equally awesome too.

Urm this post is especially messy and unorganised. Thanks for reading!