Saturday, January 07, 2006

oh no i am really not enjoying life in cj. yeah there are nice cool people in my class like edward andrew and kenneth, but somehow everything doesn't seem to go well. everyone's so quiet. and there are only 3 girls in my class.

yesterday was when the whole class actually got more enthu, because the facils and a few others including myself couldn't take it anymore cause everyone was so dead. i didn't expect orientation to be like that at all. but dragon boating was relatively fun.

so after one week of school, a got to know about 5 new guys and ZERO girls. how cool is that.

i feel so out of place and lonely in school. J2s came to talk to us and they also agree that this new batch basically sucked - nothing like theirs.

come on man i didn't come to cj for this horrible time i am getting. i saw quite a few nice people around but they are in different classes and all. and i can't get to know them. i tried talking to some people i don't know to get to know them, but after a few lines the conversation's over and i don't even get to know their names. its depressing to see how my other friends are doing so well in the other jcs.

oh please oh Lord save me from this misery.