Tuesday, April 25, 2006

FOURTONES yesterday. as you can see, its a pretty nice place.

large area, great equipment. for $14 an hour, you get MESA BOOGIE, LANEY, MARSHALL tube heads, together with solid state cabinets (not that bad), PEARL drumset, IRON COBRA double-pedal, and lotsa cymbals. oh yeah.

BUT, we got the smaller and lousier room instead. cause we booked late. oh wells. it wasn't THAT great compared to the other room, but still, decent.

jamming was quite a good experience. cause of the GREAT company i had. ronald-very-good-at-the-drums-boy, sarah-very-wonderful-sexaye-voice-quek, cedric-funky-cool-power-bassboy, and benja-fast-playing-guitarist. we played 'i believe in a thing called love' by the darkness rather well, but still lacks the PUNCH though.

we are set at getting into the finals :D

its SINGAPORE IDOL DAY tomorrow, gonna go down to mediacorp studios to catch PAULA BOY sing his heart (balls) out.