Sunday, February 19, 2006

had a very exciting week. valentine's day (tuesday) and my birthday (wednesday) was great. thank you everyone for the very nice and lovely gifts and letters! :D

vday : had barbeque with cat high guys. very funny time there cause of Ben's horrible and lame bbq-ing methods.

bday : went to eugene's place TO DO ECONS PROJECT but ended up in a chill out swimming session lol.

friday : pool with derric, dalton, harry, quek, avril, and chang kee at lucky plaza then to eugene's house again on friday. EMO DAY haha.

saturday : FUN-O-RAMA with janis. very very funny and crappy time there hahahaha. :D she's HOTT haha. poor girl kept sweating lol. then went to church and the usual place after that.

BUT, its a freaking boring day today. everyone seems to be doing HOMEWORK.. right.