Tuesday, March 21, 2006

so much has passed since my last post. its has been an emotional rollercoaster ride. first two months are over. 1t30 is gone. we had a lot of fun on the last few days of school. playing by the pond, talking rubbish in the canteen. and there's also the bbq over at east coast park. these guys are terribly awesome, and its such a shame that they had to leave. i'll miss them all.

and then there was the second orientation, where finale night was a blast. danced with derric, AGAIN. and then i got thrown into a class that i dread so much. got me emotionally distressed, seeing daryl eugene and the other new guys like george beng and daryl ong having such a great time in class.

my appeal for a change of class wasn't sucessful. perhaps tan chek suan couldn't be bothered at all. how selfish. i am still stuck in my new class 1t17.

i have always looked forward to breaks and after school hours to see the 'sunshine people'. hi's and bye's with them just makes my day. but unfortunately our time tables are never in sync.

but its getting better. yes it is. have to pray, a lot. :)