Friday, March 25, 2005

ah my mum bought this wierd machine. dunno what snack maker or dunno drying machine thing. dunno. she puts fruits inside and dry em till they become dry, or maybe dryer :S

so happily she starts making apple chips and they taste good ,and then she goes into a frenzy making all sorts of rubbish. she experimented with pears, tomatoes, carrots, water apples, red dates, oranges, bananas and other rubbish.

but ole i have apple chips and banana chips and pear chips, which turn out nice to eat haha.
but the rest are...yucky.

lol i read in UG that anthony kiedis pushed a very large security guard and ripped his pants at a designer show and it took eight security men to hold him down to prevent him from entering the backstage area. woah fit shit.

and hooray
RHCP have revealed they have already written 35 songs for their next album. The band are expected to start recording sometime in march. "We're so in love with the songs we wrote. We're working really hard." - Kiedis

yes i can't wait for their new stuff! and i NEED MORE OF BECK AHHH. BYE.