Friday, April 01, 2005

hahaha this week is very very wierd. i got so much to say i will break in down into different parts


had three tests today physics is okay a maths is crazy geog is okay. everyone kept complaining that they will fail and blah blah.
but then fat tan helped them mark on the spot they all got above 20/30 la. idiots. i didn't study (as usual) and i think i will get 2/30 because i only got one question right.


the bloody government has gotten the stupid first three month jc thing although it can help you to better get into the jc you want but i hate it la. it totally ruined all my wonderful plans of going to work then buy myself my dream guitar etc etc.
now we will only have about one month of hoildays. and with my current study attitude at most i can only get into CJC using prelims la. CJC is definately fun but, if i go there i can forget my goal of getting into maybe... RJC? haha.


i keep saying that i want to get into RJ but i am still not doing anything about it. i am still failing and getting single digits because i cannot be bothered to study.
i know i must do something about it. first is to NEVER EVER touch the computer or my ps2 in the WEEKDAYS. and i keep thinking about GUITARS.


i am planning to get a new guitar and sell my old one. planning between an agile and an epiphone. both les pauls yes. agiles and cheaper and much better but i have to ship them in from the us and it will cost me bloody much la.
so i dunno to get an epiphone SG (might suck) 2nd hand LP (hard to find good ones) 1st hand LP (no no no money) or agile LP (depends on shipping and i cannot bloody test the guitar before buying duh its in the us). how how how how i dunno i really dunno ahhhhhh.


lol and my mum is still experimenting with more crazy stuff. she tried putting YAM POTATO PINEAPPLE MANGOS ALL SORTS OF RUBBISH.
i dunno what is her problem! and the POTATOES ARE LITERALLY LIKE RUBBER please i can't even chew em.


cca is so stupid i hate my cca and SYF is so bloody close 11 april and they haven't really confirmed everything yet.


poor daniel lost his wallet today and we spent until 9 in school helping him search for his poor wallet. his wallet mysteriously disappeared after he got raped by the ncc guys sad he gotta make new ic $50 and so very troublesome.


LOL after searching in vain for his wallet we went to try something interesting we jumped off FROM THE SECOND FLOOR down to a thick big cushion materess thingy which they use for high jump. LOL was SUPER SCARY LA. like commiting suicide.
i hesitated for about 2 minutes before i dare to jump la. about more than 2.5 meters high. lol and it was super adrenaline pumping as you feel yourself falling through the air and after then i went for another 2 times. MAN AR!
lol then later mr goh kee yong caught as and we faster grabbed our stuff and went home. i took about 4 videos of it IF YOU WANT TO WATCH I CAN UPLOAD AND SEND IT TO YOU its really funny lol. whole lotta fun.

haha so much stuff. got stupid CIP collecting newspapers tomorrow yes can bully sec ones BYE!