Thursday, April 21, 2005

eh i somehow forgot about my troubles now yeah so i guess i'll be okay haha.

ah school life is really messy, due to constant procrastination. like todays test i only write 1 page when everyone (especially nicholas) wrote friggin long ahh sure die. i dunno i really need to get things straight which obviously includes studying. might need to join the 'catalyst club' (if you know what that is) haha.

ah my mind is really at this coming tuesday's CHMA auditions hope we cab get through we need to rush like mad already not much time left.

anyways just for you infomation

CH Music Awards
Date: 1st July 2005
Venue: Catholic High Secondary School Hall
Time: Should be around 7-7:30pm evening till around 10pm
Number of seats: >750 Maybe around 900?
Audience: Anyone
Ticket price: $8 (i think)

something like talentime yeah i will be taking part in 3 catergories - rock band, original composition and group vocals. hope we can make it through and hope our friends will come and support us (yes, YOU).

okay mum is at home today shall TRY to do some work.