Tuesday, January 10, 2006

urm life picked up to be a little better yesterday. edward made me play truth or dare LOL. we were supposed to go up to any girl in the canteen and ask/tell her

'can i buy you a drink?'
'can i ask you out for supper?'
'i'm nuts.'

he went up to some indian facil haha. when it was my turn i went to class 3 (where dalton and derric is) where there are many friendly people. i anyhow picked a girl who was quite nice and friendly from what i think but she replied instant 'no's to my first 2 questions, which seemed to me a little.. unfriendly. i thought i offended her or what and wanted to apologise so badly. i didn't even got to know her name :(

urm we had a bet with the facils that if we won the best cheer prize for POLARIS then Thad had to propose to Cynthia, complete with kneeing down and extra-sensual actions, like stroking of his unshaven moustache, and rubbing of his chest! haha!

we were all hyped up about finale night but when the real thing came it was like so 'uhhh'. i noticed the guys in your class were not even cheering lah. but at least our skit was quite nice and funny.

urm yeah the whole finale night was was wierd, but when it came to part of mass dance it was darn fun. i wanted to find i nice girl(hahahaha) to dance with since its the last day but everywhere was so crowded and ended up dancing with DERRIC. YES DERRIC. seems like his lifetime dream of dancing with me finally came true. but it was fun :D.

but when everything ended i didn't get to see HER. so sad. :(

and so our class were supposed to go out together to town but me edward and andrew 'happened to miss the bus' and we ended up on another bus instead. i really wanted to follow class 3 but later felt like i should not cause later things will be awkward from the earlier incident. but i really really really hope i didn't give them a bad impression cause class 3 is perhaps my saving grace cause i need somewhere to run to when i am lonely. :(

so we went up the bus and met 3 girls. charleen was one of them. she was from my IG so i already knew her so i talked to her. they were heading down to town too so i forgot who suggested we went together. the other 2 girls were xiuling and kailing. i am very glad i met them cause they are really nice people, from all the misery i have been having in cj.

we went to far east and so happened that our class was there too haha! then some guys from our classes said really not nice stuff which irritated the girls a little, and i felt a little unhappy.
we later went to BK and haha our class ended eating there too. so oh well we sat at the other tables.

urm we ate and we talked urm yeah. and i wanted to listen to nice love stories but i had to say first but no one else said anything after that. what the. and so later the focus came to the other j2s that came to the same BK too, and later to andrew haha. perhaps edward felt a bit left out cause he was unusually quiet. but well maybe i was the same too.

yeah and later i went home by train alone and urm yeah thats about all. sigh i still feel very down i dunno why. whyyyyy.

supposed to go swimming and jerick's house today. i didn't go. supposed to go pick up the marshall jackhammer for $50 today. i didn't go. supposed to go pick up a led zep t-shirt today. i didn't go. supposed to go repair my handphone today. i didn't go too.

just hope that staying at home won't get me too sad and depressed like it usually does..