Monday, January 16, 2006

yay God answered my prayer, in a perfect timing! :D shall not say what it is about.


1. i had a horrible haircut. sucks.
2. i have friggin a lot of homework and i dunno how to do any of them.


3. I HAD A HORRIBLE HORRIBLE BAD DAY. i woke up late at 6.30, rushed and rushed and was late to school by ONE MINUTE. and the freaking bus took eternity to come. and i had to do detention cause i was late. from 5-7pm. and class ended at 3. so i had to STONE in school until 7 for 4 hours. the whole school is super empty. everyone went out somewhere somehow to have fun. i was ultra stoned and no-mood for the whole of today. and its NOT ENTIRELY MY FAULT. rawrrrr!


i fell down twice on friday and my whole body is aching.

AND A LOT MORE AHHHHH. oh well i will just end here.

someone please save me ah! if you are reading this come! come make me happy :D