Sunday, May 07, 2006

HAHAHAHA yes yes we got through. it was quite scary at first though. the silly teachers took a long time to release the results. i was accompanying shiyun to 'bukit dunno what' when i finally got the sms from the teachers. a place in the finals means we get A GUARANEED PRIZE MONEY of AT LEAST $20. HAHA. but we want the $500 top prize .(duhh)

seemed very difficult at first.
we went into the LT for the auditions and everyone looked so good and confident. we were thinking that we'll be dead and not get through the finals. we didn't even get a chance to do a proper soundcheck.

TUAN's band got through too. here is an extract from his blog of what roughly happened.

'so we had ICtalent auditions on saturday. we were kind of intimidated at first by a few other bands who displayed some skillzzzz during soundcheck. especially the TPJC guitarist who kept showing off his l33t shredding.

there were 6 bands before us. i only found two of them that really stood out, the funky cool NJC band with their uber style guitarist and MELLA and friends. (:D)

everything went wrong for me when it was our turn. strap pin was broken so i had to sit down and play AND i pressed the wrong button on samuel's multieffects, shutting off my sound for TEN SECONDS. still got standing ovation from the crowd but it was DAMN embarrassing. wanted to stay to watch the rest but had to rush off for canoeing training. later found out that the tpjc band played ocean avenue and sucked. BEH? what a letdown.'

tuan+brandon+joshua+chindian's band was good too. especially the vocals. SO, they made it through, we got through, the SA band with an original didn't go through, then i don't know already. i think competition would be quite intense that day.

we're gonna do a new song for the finals. rehersal's this wednesday but we are not prepared AT ALL.