Sunday, May 21, 2006

a series of extremely fortunate events

hahahaha, its INSANE.


haha. we had no idea that we would have won 1st prize for ICTALENT. we didn't really bothered about the results right after playing cause we really had so much fun. haven't been so happy in a long time. and also means that cedric has to go back to church. HAHA.

the other bands were seriously much better than us, but they were unlucky cause of small screw-ups here and there. they all seemed damn sian and disappointed after their turn. made us feel very sad too.

anyways, thank God for this whole journey. He's been doing some really cool stuff right from the start. interesting. SEE KIDS, DON'T FORGET TO PRAY.

and also a BIG thank you to friends who came down. you guys were awesome. now we can show bro paul and tan chek suan a little something.


now we all know that lao shi just isn't your average chinese teacher.

couldn't find any nice band shots from yesterday at ICTalent, will upload them if i can find any nice ones :D

so long and thanks for the fish.