Sunday, July 16, 2006

Wet sand

Rushed down to BayBeats halfway of CHMA, to catch probably one or two acts of the first day. CHMA was pretty much uninteresting, except for Ming Xuan's band, great performance. We had a great shock cause our dear brother Joel Nah turned out to be one of the judges. Surprise surprise.

Over at BayBeats, saw a couple of familiar faces, makes me happy. Sarah, Gi, Tina and Joey (hahahahaha) and their friends were there, as well as many other Cj guys. Love Me Butch was the last act of the day, post-hardcore band from KL. Moshing mayhem at the front, got completely drenched in my own (and a mixture of everyone's) sweat.

Apart from that, we pretty much got back results for every single subject.

GP - 52
Maths - 30
Chem - 34
Physics - 34
Econs - 32
Chinese - 59

Uh huh, I did the worst in my class, and this brings the point that MY CLASSMATES SHOULD REALLY SHUT UP ABOUT THEIR RESULTS.

Okay, you can act like you cannot be bothered about schoolwork, but please have the balls to say that you did MUG like FUCK for your exams. I didn't, you did, so say it.

Are you so afraid of telling people that you actually study? You want to pretend and make people think you're smart? And don't whine about failing that ONE OR TWO subjects, or that few more marks you could have gotten, when I very well failed almost everything.

So, shut the fuck up, and be happy with what you have. Its nothing shameful to study, I would be darn happy and would tell others if i have done so.

On a side note, after-school-study-group starts soon, with dear Mike and boys. They're the only guys in class that are true to themselves, and the CHEEBYE bridge assholes should go blow each other.

Have a good night.