Thursday, June 08, 2006

i went to queensway alone today. changed my new pair of shoes cause they were too small. sent my jeans for altering, but screwed em up, now i gotta spend more money to buy a new pair.


here's a nice artwork done by huang.

reminds me of how everyone's changing.

some are having the time of their lives, others grinding everyday to achieve what they've been seeking for. and of course those who have no clue what they are doing with their lives.

happiness, joy, love, respect, to feel complete, help fight against our mortal weaknesses. we are all afraid to be left out, to be not needed, to be unloved.

myself? its not that friends don't care for me, but this rollercoaster ride gets till a stage where its all at a standstill, or rather, a calm and peaceful road that is leading into failure and despair.

i can't fight against my own guts. i can't overcome my fears.

and the hypnagogia i am having breaks me up.

even the simple pleasures in life don't mean anything anymore.

i guess i have simply lost it all.

Forgive me please for I know not
What I do
How can I keep inside the hurt
I know is true

Tell me when the kiss of love
Becomes a lie
That bears the scar of sin too deep
To hide behind this fear of running
Unto you
Please let there be light
In a darkened room

And the biggest problem is, i don't even know what is going on.

(i added this to not make myself sound so emo. world cup and class gathering is this friday! and i have to start studying. beh?)