Saturday, August 19, 2006

Friday night seemed somewhat familiar, with the impossible traffic light trick happening again. Went to Jerick's place for a nice night out after a LONG wait. (Sorry Dalcock, couldn't have Friday Starbucks stoning today.)

We found this cute small kitten hungry and alone, Joel and I tried to get close to it but it ran away. Then we sat at the road side like idiots, luring the little creature out with Joel's grape candy. Couldn't get a nice picture of it.

Then, everyone got threw themselves into the pool while I went alone to enjoy the night sky, with nice music and a certain thought stuck in my head. As soon as emo time was over, chaos reigned.

Fun minigame of trying to stay out of the water attracted the security guard, and we even wanted to push him in.

Late at night, someone refused to go home, and got me screamed at nonstop for 15 minutes by a bitch over the phone. Look kids, stay out of trouble ;)

And oh yes, I WILL try to start studying soon.